What The Token!?

Important: Unfortunately, this Open Source attempt didn’t pan-out as I hoped, and trying to kickstart the project was wishful thinking. Nonetheless, I’m going to leave this token page/idea up for others to attempt to do or maybe for future use. I still think the concept of an in-house community funded project would work in the right context and with the proper execution.

It’s said money isn’t speech, but it enables it, and the same can be said about Open Source. But if there’s a list of Open Source cultural taboos, asking for money is near the top of the list and to be honest, it shouldn’t be. Open Source isn’t defined by the term “free,” rather it’s a byproduct of collaboration that developers, myself included, tend to take advantage of. However, this relationship between users, developers, and monetary support (or the lack thereof) is a significant hurdle that I believe is holding back a heap of potential innovation. Innovation that I, and I hope you as well, want to see happen under the Open Source flag.

Initially, I was going to hobble ctr through a beekeeper, freemium, or dual-license model. But after consideration, I decided pursuing such a model would go against the principle philosophy of Open Source. Nonetheless, that put me between a rock and a hard place because I need monetary support for future development and donation buttons simply do not work. At the same time, selling space and data to advertisers is about the least honest relationship you can have with your users, although, it was this train of thought that led me down a path of compromise. The popup compromise.

As you may or may not have experienced, a hideous popup abomination appears from time to time while using the ctr documentation. This, in essence, is the popup compromise. If you wish, you can remove this popup and support the future growth of ctr through a 12 dollar yearly token subscription. A cost that in all likelihood can be recouped through a single hour of ctr use. On the other hand, you do not have to purchase a token subscription to use ctr, but you will have to live with the popup guilt. At the end of the day, an Open Source project is only as strong as the community behind it, and it’s my hope that with your help we can build a community force to be reckoned with.

Token Benefits

At front and center, a token membership will fund the ctr rewrite along with the continuous development and support thereafter. Additionally, a membership removes the hideous popup abomination alongside the accompanying popup guilt. It also provides the means for auxiliary ecosystem add-ons such as the ctr forum board. Outside of these immediate benefits, over the coming months, I will be creating bite-size videos to go alongside with the documentation.

Apart from these ideas, the sky is the limit, although it’s largely dependent on the number of memberships. Ideally one of the big ticket items is to commission the development of the “next CSS preprocessor” to better mesh with ctr and the current shift in the CSS ecosystem. I’ve also toyed with the idea of creating a ctr class marketplace to facilitate the curation and sharing of various community ctr class styles. But then again, these big ticket items are dependent on support and if that support translates into dollar bills.

Obtain A Token

You can obtain a token right here, right now, but wait there’s more! Since you’re an early adapter, you’ll get 55 days to evaluate ctr and your token subscription. If you’re not happy, you can cancel at any time before the 55 day trial period is over and you won’t be charged a penny. If you haven’t done so already you can read about the token benefits above, and in a nutshell it’s a win-win situation for all.

If you’re a proud ctr subscriber, you will want to make sure you’re logged in, and your token is activated. You can accomplish both of these tasks on the login page by clicking this link.

Activate Your Token

If you’re a proud ctr subscriber, you will want to make sure you’re logged in, and your token is activated. You can accomplish both of these tasks on the login page by clicking this link.

Activate Static Token

Important: This is only if you have a static token which is a six-digit token such as 7C5a09. If you have a subscription, please go to the login page.

Token Form